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00 No Name Lane

Available now on Amazon Kindle.

We’re all angels to someone, and this story is a journey about returning to love, both from within and without. In world always certain about our incompleteness, one woman breaks through the illusions to find unconditional love in an unlikely place. She’ll drift through the past and present, seeking a way to fill the void inside, and finds that every thought leads to an action, which can lift up or tear down. It’s all about choices, and whether she has the courage to step out of the conditioning and fear she’s known to accept the truth about what truly lives within her.



As I gazed at his dark hair and deep blue eyes bouncing with thought, I wondered if he considered the angels and their wings, if he’d heard the call of a twined soul and whether she’d heard him in return. So many questions, so much possibility, but I let the silence engulf the spinning of thoughts best left to their own undoing. He could believe everything or nothing, and I’d still be happy with this glass of wine, the music, and his calmed presence, close but not too close.

He seemed to understand the quiet in my motionless twirl because he closed his eyes and enjoyed this moment with me. A toast, a few words, our connection without being connected sufficed, fulfilling all the undone things of the world. Peace followed with gentle brush strokes, as if the universe and time nodded to the simplicity of an ordinary scene. We painted stillness in shades of amber and blush without a single movement, with nothing but thought, and I marveled at our combined ease.

Winter approached, cold and lonesome, yet I delighted in the knowledge both he and my other friends would be near. Perhaps I’d been mistaken in the long dark chill of emptiness I’d envisioned. Perhaps the warmth I’d sought for forty years existed in the happenings and arms of not so extraordinary moments. Even now, as the candle dimmed and the music changed to a slow comfortable pace, I felt the change.

Something had awakened, something beyond the playful tickle of red hair and youthful hands, and I could almost grasp an elusive perfection so imperfect my mind couldn’t comprehend the straightforwardness of its truth. But it whispered of the familiar collective joining of matched souls, something from long ago and high above. I was so close to the answers I’d sought, and they tasted of fresh bread and smooth red wine.

And my twin soul whispered, “I am near, my love. Do not fear me.”

My only thought, come soon before I fade away.


00 promise

Short story collaboration from 7DS Books

featuring ROLLER COASTER by Ranee Dillon now available on Amazon.



Buzzzz, the receiver hummed in my ear, then went dead. No goodbye, no see you soon, just the empty tone of a dead line.

Light splashed against the bumps and grooves in the wall, my insides mirroring its imperfection. Even the amber glow of the setting sun couldn’t detract from such a poorly crafted surface. We were kindred spirits, the wall and I, both worn with age, both holding up a structure that no longer needed our help. Outdated and without purpose, we could fade away and no one would notice.

I picked up a heeled shoe and slammed it against the wall, then pounded again and again until its pitted surface broke through to the hollowness on the other side. My emptiness hid within it, and I ripped at the plaster to reveal my truth. Defective outside, barren inside, neither of us had the strength to keep the world from crashing down. We were holographic pillars projected onto thinly veiled lies. Now everyone would know that all of it was an illusion.

Exhausted, I huddled on the floor and wept.




A short story anthology from Evolved Publishing

featuring THE LIVING by Ranee Dillon is now available at Amazon.


From the 2nd Short Story Contest hosted by Evolved Publishing: 10 great stories from 10 terrific authors.

An eclectic mix that will excite, interest, and intrigue from the first story to the last. Laugh a little, cry a little, think a little.

Many genres, many voices, one goal: Provide the reader with a fun journey through the short fiction format.


Praise for The Living:

The Living has such an unexpected but still wonderful end. I was 100% percent positively surprised by it.” – Alina Anghelache, Goodreads reviewer

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