Never lost

never found

the ground still

firm beneath her feet

She meets the scars

agile stars, unformed

adorned with nightfall


Never became

never become

the sum of greater than

her last grain of sand

She stands on clever

almost ever, ignited

sighted with discovery

recovery of find and fold


Never loose

never bound

the sound of gone

still ringing in the clear

She nears alright

avian flight, unhinged

a twinge of beset

but regret was never her style

*   *   *

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Raindrops & Roots



in the rain


the neighbor’s insane stares

we were perfect then

when love had no purpose

and raindrops bathed us



the earth was ours


souls connecting stars

lit scars of their formation

this Claymation of simplicity

roots offset by reality.



the drops now sigh


they become our cry

stand by for one more run

as we succumb to back then

when love – had no purpose.


“We had to learn how to bend…”

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Tentative moon

swooning at the night

flight of the newly formed

the storms sit far behind


Stilling depressions

confessions of the just begun

under sung to protect the heart

tender starts need time


Thoughts saunter

hearts wander through reeds

love pleads in breathes

first steps of the dove-strung

*   *   *

“…they were like Northern stars…”

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My Hope for You


I once wrote that a heart is like the universe; an expanse so great that it never fills. You can place the stars, the planets, and the sun within it and still there’s room for more.

The stars are those people who have touched our lives. Some remain, while others pass through like a dream, but each has left a stardust trail in our souls.

The planets are the people who live in our everyday: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, companions, and friends. They are large, ever-present forces revolving around us with evolving love. They laugh, cry, and sit with us through every solar storm ripping our universe apart.

The sun—well now, that’s an important part of our universe. It helps to light the darkest parts of our souls, though few have found that elusive unconditional love.

Make no mistake; the sun isn’t always a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, wife or husband. No, the sun is that one person, who—even in their worst moments—still has light to share with you. They can put aside pain and frustration to share their light of wisdom and knowledge with you. We all need a sun.

As with the physical universe, everything within the heart can be considered matter.

The thing about matter is that it eventually breaks down. Never completely leaving, matter reorganizes itself to become something new. Sometimes, its energy filled with emotion that allows us to grow. Sometimes, it evolves to become an entirely different organism. In some instances, matter journeys on to other universes where it enriches everything it comes in contact with, but the impact of its stay with us will never dissipate.

Whatever the orbit and time with us, we are forever changed by the people who enter our lives. We can mourn their absence when they move on. Or we can celebrate the light and love they introduced into our universe; becoming better people, whether we know it or not, for the time we spent together.

My hope for you on this Valentine’s Day is that you celebrate love—past and present—with an open and unconditional heart. Let go of the pain and frustration of lost loves; and know, that the universe is an ever-expansive, never-filling space within your heart. There’s always room for one more star, one more planet, one more step towards hope and love.


Happy Valentine’s Day & *Heart Hugs*

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Starry Destinies

Snowflakes drop

hopscotch and hand-me-downs

color crayons of melted hues

in the blues of ocean eyes

we fight to stay alive



and hearts that might

break down all the walls

another falls with this goodbye

while smoke rises up

to catch the sky


Mysteries and stars

the choice is ours

where this seed will float

in the snow or cindered ash

a clash of brilliance

before regrowth

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Stars and Scars

Drop racked,

pulled back and forth;

screw true north

and written in the stars.

These scars crumble

while she fumbles the standoff.


Ripped tides,

skyward cries in blues;

Who makes the rules

that no one seems to follow,

when torment swallows the soul

with rope-choked originality?

Forget the banality of structure,

that ruptures what it feeds.

The knowledge that you seek,

still reeks of self-absorption.

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