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That Dream in the Corner

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Rumbling low and on the edge of life is the one thing you were meant to do. It’s easy to miss it, to walk right past or run for fear it’s an oncoming train. Not many people around us will point it out, mainly because they’re still running too, but they’ll happily nudge toward less ambitious endeavors.

Not for lack of belief, it’s a simple matter of their fear projected onto a willing target.

Did you want to be a writer?

How about an artist?

Or doctor?

Or vet tech?

Or… (insert the dream you walked away from)?

While it’s true all these professions take time, money, and effort, so does everything else in one way or another. But when we settle for less than our dreams, it takes a far greater toll. Our dignity. Our confidence. Our passion. All of them disappear in the lull of what we never meant to become. In an inevitable wearing down of our true selves is a small part we bury because courage isn’t an admirable quality anymore. In fact, courage to pursue something others perceive as out of reach has turned into a fool’s quest, worthy of mocking and ridicule. A sad testament to the cage our society lives in now.

We are sheep of a different sort, willing to hand our power and lives over to media, friends, and family or anyone else with an opinion. We package ourselves to make no lasting impression because we have no voice or identity, save the ones given to us. And we wear those as safety blankets to avoid crafting targets that might otherwise land on our backs.

It’s a cycle of fear and hopelessness breaking down sovereignty. No threat is greater than the person who actually believes in themselves. And were you to do such a thing, were you to stand for what you believe in, to have an opinion of right or wrong in your life, to tear off the cloak of anonymity and wear everything about yourself on the outside, you might just find others like you. And then more would come, and others would see your authentically threadbare soul for who you truly are. Soon, you’ll be surrounded by people inspired to follow their dreams as you have yours.

But the price is too steep. I’d lose people. Someone I think is everything might walk away, then I’ll have no one but me.

Until the others come this might be true. And it’s a scary thought to stand on our own feet. Will the ground be steady or crumble? What would we do if left to our own company with no opinions to cloak us? These questions are the trap, the little programed voices that make up the bars. The lock being our unwillingness to stand on the edge of everything as ourselves because it’s safer in the middle. It’s safer not to try too hard for perfectly justifiable reasons.

It costs too much money.

It’ll take too long.

I won’t be able to make a living anyway.

That’s not a career, it’s a hobby.

And the biggest lie, oh umm, justifiable reason…

I’d need years of education before I even got into that field. 

You realize how many careers, companies, and empires were built by people with just a high school degree and elbow grease, right?

Having said that, you do need to study your intended field of dreams. Spend time in the deep brightly lit pit and work your way up. In the process, you’ll learn all the practical things they’ll never teach in a classroom. Not to say a little education does anyone harm, but it’s not the only way to scamper down roads paved by the fools and risk takers.

A final note about personal responsibility. The dream belongs to you. Own it, which means owning all the failure as well as success. We’ve been pounded on by social media with memes about how someone or other didn’t fail, they simply found a better way to do something or other. Each time I see one, I drop my forehead and knock it against the desk. Failure happens, and when it does it means you’re moving forward with life. You’re engaged, you’re learning, and you’re not standing still.

No one ever accomplished anything until they made the choice to do something.

So, do it. Own it. Don’t hand it over to some guru or “expert”, so you’ll have someone to blame if it doesn’t work out. If it doesn’t, then try harder or stop lying to yourself about what your actual dream is; regroup, believe in yourself unconditionally, and get out there to attack it with all the passion you possess.

Your dream is attainable.

But to believe in that statement is a choice too.

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