Contrast and the Human Journey – You are Not broken

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You are a cherished gift. You are an expression of all the love, kindness, and compassion held within a single heart and throughout the whole of the universe. So, why are you so mean to you?

No, don’t beat yourself up for another perceived failure. This isn’t something born inside you. It’s generational conditioning through society and media that preys upon every single person with the illusion you are broken. That’s a wicked lie, one perpetuated for centuries to keep everyone in bondage. If you’re constantly looking inside to fix “broken” parts it keeps you from reaching out for connection. Connection to the universe, the earth, to the people in your life, to love.

This plan to keep everyone in internal chaos may seem like just another conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s not one person or group. This is something humanity chose for contrast. Our souls decided at some point in history that we collectively needed to understand separation on a thoroughly intimate level. We broke away from our tribal, supportive groups to embrace independence, something else we thought we lacked.

What we found was spinning.

We spin inside ourselves, breaking down all the goodness until we’re convinced of our incompleteness. To make it worse, we then project it onto other people, so we don’t feel alone in our misery.  It’s a cycle of breaking down that starts with walls. Gigantic walls, ginormous walls. Hell, the Great Wall has nothing on the ones we create for fear someone else will know our secret. We are broken.

Only we’re not. And when someone else tells us we’re not, we rail against the wind, beat our chests, and tell them how they can’t see us and they’re not listening because we’re absolutely certain of the inherent evilness inside. We live in these illusions, we cling to them as if they were precious, not once honoring ourselves or others with kindness.

To look upon ourselves with softer eyes seems to be the greatest sin of all. In fact, killing another human is held in less contempt than actually saying to someone, “I honor you as an expression of love and light in the universe.” We can categorize and justify violence. There always seems to be a reason or cause we can point to, and people are all too comfortable talking about the latest tragedy, but what about love?

Why do people hide their love away behind closed doors? Why is expressing love in front of other people considered to be adolescent? Why does it seem to physical hurt some people to see a couple walking hand in hand?

It’s the illusion of brokenness, of the feeling we’ll never have it or don’t deserve it. Never realizing that all we have to do is reach out, walls down, hearts open, and embrace the person next to us – be them child or man or woman. The act of loving another person and honoring their soul with kindness and compassion and directness is the greatest we can give them and ourselves. But don’t forget that face in the mirror because you deserve to embrace the gift of your presence in this world.

Celebrate it, honor it by not accepting other people’s projections as your own, by forgiving yourself for every “wrong” decision because you simply didn’t know any better, by loving and laughing and dancing or sitting quietly and knitting to Kitaro. Do what brings you joy and give to others in the joy.

But most of all, be a little kinder to yourself because you are truly brilliant. You are an expression of love. And I’ll keep saying it over and over until your eyes soften and heart lightens and you release that world class prize fighter beating up the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known.

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2 thoughts on “Contrast and the Human Journey – You are Not broken

  1. Billie

    Thank you! My beautiful friend. I love you.

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