Update: Living with Lupus, Publishing, and what life looks like when I live it


Winter has been tough on everyone. Just ask the guy next to you. I’m certain he has more than one complaint – weather, money, illness. We’ve all been battered, and the massive shift in universal energy is throwing all kinds of crap in our face, but this isn’t a bad thing.

We all have illusions to break and walls to break down. This time has been good for that at least.

For several years my body progressively became more difficult to manage. Pain, constant pain I suffered through in silence, racked my joints and muscles, the winter being a particularly difficult time. But now I have an answer.

Systemic Lupus. Yay me! But not really.

The diagnosis came barrelling in with a lovely expiration date. That’s right, the docs gave my one remaining kidney 8-10 years at best. To make this a little more OMG, they said I wasn’t a candidate for a transplant. Needless to say I was shell shocked. I’ve since found other, less cryptic doctors, who have given me hope. Yes, hope! Combined with a steady ingestion of Prednisone, I’m feeling much better.

The lovely addition of two beautiful children and one of my best friends in the world to this too empty house has given us all a renewed sense of peace and joy. Little things, so very small, have been flowing together to ease the stress and inspire us all to love and support one another. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Universe, for having my back.

Next in line is publishing. Last month I pushed through a flare-up to put No Name Lane: Diary of an Angel up on Amazon Kindle. It’s a journey, part fiction, part personal, but all about breaking away the thought processes that keep us from joy. With any luck it’ll add a little more light into the universe, and we could all use more of that right now.

00 No Name Lane

To end this rather short update, I am coming back. Just need a little time to settle into this new joy. When someone tells you life comes with a time limit, it puts a lot of things in perspective. And I didn’t realize how much of life I was missing by wallowing in a pool of stress and obligations. Let’s face it, we’re gonna have bills and homes to care for and kids to manage. But those things don’t have to be a noose. We know they’re a part of being on this planet, so why not shrug, smile, and chase a three year old around a living room that’s covered with toys and blankets.

Those are the moments worth living. If we don’t truly reach out and cherish the people around us, then we’re facing this all alone. In the long history of our world, man has always banded together to share resources and support one another. It’s only been in the last several hundred years that we’ve broken away for it, and a progressive steam of hopelessness and loneliness followed.  Why we screwed with a good thing is beyond me, but I’m gathering a tribe, a group of incredible people for mutual love and support. Somewhere in there we’ll find a hell of a lot of joy as well.

To top it all off, you’re part of it. Yes, YOU! Why? Because I’ve seen your heart, the joy and pain, and no one should have to live either alone because, like I told a little seven year old the other day, we’re better together. Yes, I went Jack Johnson on you. ~winky smile~

Love you bunches, and look forward to talking again soon. Mwahhhh!

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8 thoughts on “Update: Living with Lupus, Publishing, and what life looks like when I live it

  1. Hello, my friend: I am so surprised to read this. I knew I hadn’t seen you around for a while, but I had no idea what you were going through. Thank you for writing this post and sharing your life with us. I’m sending BIG hugs to you and much love. You have an incredible spirit and I’m so grateful that you’re sharing it here. I’ll be holding all good thoughts for you. I hope you get back out this way for a visit one of these days. I’d so love to see you again. Love those winky smiles so much. xo

    • It took me by total surprise when the vasculitis appeared on my leg, then to get the diagnosis after the bloodwork darn near floored me. Apparently, I’ve been dealing with it for years, and the docs in Cali misdiagnosed it as depression because the symptoms were so mild. At least now I have answers and an incredible support system to help with the really bad days. My last dose of prednisone put me in remission for a couple months. The doctors say that’s a good response to the meds. Just keeping my stress down and head up.

      It’s wonderful to hear from you. 🙂 I hope to get out to Cali within the year, funds allowing. If not, I’ll be certain to look you up when I finally get back that way. Big love and winky smiles!

  2. Ranee, I have always been wowed by your spirit and presence and have only come to respect and like you more. I love your attitude and resilience and persistence. I have RA and fibro and have had an up and down again experience with health in the last couple of years. It affects my consistency in writing and ability to feel joy sometimes but, like you, I go on and won’t stop. I replenish myself with rest and exposure to wonderful people. Bravo to you. I’m always a friend and fan. Please don’t forget that.

  3. WOW Ranee big hugs coming your way. I’ve been in your shoes with SLE and heading down disaster road. Diagnosed 9yo and I’m in remission despite a brain haemorrhage caused by plavix and gut vasculitis so rare only 2% of lupies get it. I’m living proof you can get well. None of my doctors can believe it. I write too (nom de plume Lena Thompson) my character has lupus! Write about what you know. I’d love to keep in touch with you. And keep on writing Ranee its good for you, very good. I credit it to saving my life and the remission. (still on Methotrexate though)

  4. I’m so sorry you’re facing this, but I’m glad you have the outlook you do. When we’re young we don’t truly appreciate the time stretching before us, we get caught up in the day to day, never realizing in a moment that time can be stripped away. Finding out time is not infinite for us, gives us the opportunity to find the happiness in each day we live, and it helps put the focus on what is important because we don’t have time to get around to it eventually. This … here and now has become our eventually. Enjoy every minute, and shine because you can.

    • Thank you, LK, for your support and kind words. I know you understand the struggles of medical challenges, but I have faith in our light and spirit. This life will end when it’s time. For now, I say we live the hell out of it. Big love!

  5. Hugs x Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are a wonderful person who never ceases to brighten my day whenever you’re a part of it.

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