Master your Mind, Master your Writing

Fear, insecurity, life. In a fast paced world that values pounding our heads against the proverbial responsibility wall, the opportunity and willpower to complete a novel comes in a pitiful last.  But following a dream comes down to two factors: commitment and process.

Are you committed to getting it done despite the fact life is crazy, people are demanding, and you have no idea where to start?

Are you ready to create or strengthen your writing process?

The voice that says you can’t, that taunts you with guilt, fills you with insecurity and fear? Yeah, in ten weeks you’ll be able to say, “Screw you. This is MY book.”


Enter Burning Up the Pages: Writing Mastermind. A ten week class specifically designed to eviscerate fear and excuses.

Imagine opening your mailbox to find your book. Your name on the cover. Your dream come true.

The Writing Mastermind with Rebecca T. Dickson

What: A group of ten, itching to write their freaking book. Let me say it again: You will write your BOOK.

You will finish this mastermind with:


• The goal for your book. WHY you are writing it. (Entertainment, healing, helping others, making money, or because you have a burning in your gut to tell your story and you have no idea why.)

• Knowing who your reader is, what she/he will learn from your book, and why he/she will fucking love it.

• What you must say, the big fucking point, and how to say it in your own voice.

• It bears repeating: YOUR VOICE.

• Defining the key messages in your book and how to use them to develop themes and a preliminary table of contents

• A primer on structure, plot, story and character arcs that will help you literally map out your book

• A thorough understanding of copyright

• Info about how to use social media as an author, and the importance of author platform building

• A completed draft of your book

This is not a writing class.

In the mastermind, we aren’t focusing on details like grammar, punctuation or cadence. We are totally engrossed in telling your story in the best way you possibly can. That means letting go of small stuff. Later, you can hire an editor.

The mastermind focuses on producing a book that will resonate with your person. We’re writing a book people want to read. It’s not about perfection.

Learning who you are writing for and how to say it in your voice will serve you for a lifetime.

Are you ready to get this thing done? Are you ready to stop allowing internal voices and outside forces to steal away your dream of becoming a published author?

Go here NOW and sign up.

How long do I have to decide?

The early enrollment period 2013 is September 9 – September 14, 2013. The tuition if you enroll during these dates is $1,999.

If you enroll after September 14, 2013, tuition is $2,499.

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