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Truly Amazing Authors I’ve come to Respect – 7DS

00 promise

Get your copy on Amazon Kindle today!

7DS has the most unique anthology format I’ve ever seen. They bring seven completely different authors together in a supportive environment to write short stories about a common theme. Through the course of several weeks, sometimes months, these authors toil away to weave incredible tales while providing kind words and soft shoulders for one another.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited to one of these anthologies, and the synergistic experience is one I’ll never forget. I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to these lovely people and the tales they’ve created for you.

Dawn Kirby – An up and coming Paranormal author with a heart of gold, always ready with perky conversation and a smile. I swear she has to be the kindest person I’ve ever met. More than that, she’s a very talented writer. Her Serenity Series is both unique and intriguing, and I can’t wait for book three.

Her short story is no less enthralling. The love of a gargoyle runs deep, but the commitment to his promises even deeper. Join her on a journey of two worlds colliding and read about a young couple willing to break all the rules to protect something far more important than the laws of their people – their love for one another.

Frantiska Oliver – This author is all rock ‘n roll zen. She’s funny and charismatic with a peaceful confident air that draws people to her, a fresh face in the Sci-fi and Fantasy scene. Her novel, Never Forget the Past, left me begging for more, and thankfully I was treated to more with her gripping short story.

Follow the journey of a woman who escapes the pain of abuse by losing herself in a dream world. More than anything, she wants her illusive love to cross over into reality, but when he does even I question which life is real. The ending will completely knock you off your chair in the best possible way, so I’m not about to spoil it here. 🙂

Michelle Anderson-Picarella –  This sassy author is one of the most supportive people I’ve met in the publishing industry. She regularly goes out of her way to lend a helping hand to other writers and, with a wildly busy publishing and writing schedule, her dedication to that support is nothing short of amazing. Truly, she is an example of this industry’s finest. Did I mention she’s a wickedly talented author? Check out Livian, a fairy tale that will leave you begging at her door for the next book.

Her story is every bit as sassy as this bundle of spunk. It’s a touching tale of a father who wants more than anything to give his baby girl the world, but how can he patiently direct such a fiery light without putting it out? The ending will leave you grabbing for tissue, so keep a box nearby.

Franklin Edwards – It’s always wonderful to see a new author join the scene, and he is definitely making a fine introduction with this story.

When everyone thinks you’re a killer, how can you possibly prove otherwise? Convicted, sentenced, Tony struggles against the pain of persecution, knowing the truth, but unable to convince anyone else. All he has left are patience and years with one thing to hold on to – the hope he might one day keep a dying promise. How long can he hold on?

Anton T. Russell – One of the most passionate authors in the industry today. His fire for writing and publishing could probably light the entire world, and one day I hope it will. Truly a gentleman, he supports authenticity in writing to a degree that border lines epic. It has been a great pleasure getting to know the ultimate Alpha and his collection of work. Check out New Alpha Rising, and I promise you’ll never look at werewolves the same again.

His short story contains no less passion. When boundaries of an outdated society are crossed, can two people love each other despite the prejudices of the past? More importantly, are they really in the past? Join this struggling couple and find out why some men are willing to go to any lengths to keep their promises – even if might mean walking away.

Marc Quaranta – He has to be one of the most down to earth people in the world. His dedication to helping others goes far beyond the writing world. In September, he donated all of the proceeds from his book to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association, so get your copy today and help a wonderful cause. With a bright future in writing, he is bound to be a name you’ll hear often in coming years. Check out this award-winning author’s latest creation, Dead Last – a zombie tale unlike any I’ve seen and one I want to see more of.

His heart tugging story about a struggling fighter left me both crying and sighing at the end. When a man loves his family more than anything in the world, he’ll fight the world to protect and provide for them. But what if one more fight means he might never see them again? Is the risk worth giving them the life he thinks they deserve? Find out, but keep the tissue handy because this story will tug at more than your heart.

A final shout-out to a man who is a very important part of this team. Dan Picarella, Operating Manager for 7DS and Twisted Core Press, has a burning inferno of passion for this business. He’s dedicated, not only to the success of the company, but to the success of each and every author. The scope of his technical expertise is the oil that keeps this finally tuned universe running, and I admire the way he consistently supports both innovation and people.


This has been an amazing experience. I’d ask that you support these authors, not just because they’re incredible people, but because they’re incredibly talent writers as well. Thank you 7DS for allowing me to be part of A Man’s Promise. It’s something I’ll never forget.

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How a Roller Coaster Taught me Not to Give Up on Love.

00 promise

My posts leading up to the release of A Man’s Promise were for a very special person in my life, and the subject of the story Roller Coaster. While it has been described as “gut-wrenchingly beautiful” it served a larger purpose for me and him.

In The Illusion of Separation I talk about society and individuals using separation as a means of power and control. He came from a heavily religious background, one that isn’t accepting of his life choices. They force their members to ostracize those who don’t fit their mold of perfection. In doing so, they create a lot of pain and suffering. All because of illusionary standards of conduct and life.

I went deeper into this in Authenticity because anything else is slow death and So Much Left to Learn, a sort of call to arms for him to live out loud. He’s struggling right now, and I can feel it every time we talk. Confused, slightly lost, unable to just live his truth whether the rest of the world agrees or not. He wants more, but doesn’t quite understand how to get it. It hurts to see him in so much pain, but I know this is his journey and I can’t live it for him. All I can do is show him what more looks like to me, and maybe he can use it as a road map to figure out what it looks like for him.

In Roller Coaster, I talk about unconditional love. When we began our relationship I knew something was different, but I also knew he needed one person in the world to love him unconditionally until he could do it for himself. In truth, I needed that too. But it’s a lot easier said, right? Most people struggle with loving themselves, so how can we possibly see the darkest parts of someone else and still love them completely?

Well, I suppose it’s about understanding we’re all human. Whole parts, broken parts, we all have them, and none are immune from the toll life exacts. So, it’s ultimately about embracing the perfectly imperfect beings we are and trying to be the very best version of ourselves today, then do it even better tomorrow.

He once told me my love was healing, but it took me a long time to see how that could be true. Mainly because I thought I couldn’t heal the broken bits within me.

Even now, I struggle with confusion and the overwhelming desire to hide away sometimes, but pushing through, whether anyone else understands it or not, is the only thing I can do.

Have I screwed up? Oh, hundreds of times. I’m good at screwing things up.

Am I sorry? Hell, I beat myself up a thousand times a day. I’m good at that too. No person alive can torture me the way I can torture myself. So, yes, I’m definitely sorry.

Have I stopped loving myself through all the shit I do wrong? No, and he taught me that. His love was healing too, but maybe not in the way either of us thought. During the two year roller coaster we lived, I “loved him more completely than any woman ever could,” his words not mine. In the process, I learned how to love myself.  And it all started when I let go of fear and embraced something larger.

I’ve since learned that respect is just as important, which comes in at the end of the story. People can fain respecting you, they can offer blanket adoration, but until they see all the parts, broken and whole, you’ll never know if they truly love and respect you as a growing, evolving, and perfectly imperfect person. And here’s the hardest part… do we have the courage to walk away, even though we love them, even with the joy they bring, if they aren’t willing to accept us completely?

I have no answers, only questions, but I know through all the pain, even though it was one hell of a roller coaster, I will always love him for everything he is, not just for me, but for himself. Gay or not, with me or not, he is one hell of an incredible man. I hope he realizes that one day.

“…I did thoroughly enjoy the breaks and have good memories to take with me.

I’ll continue to love him because our hearts don’t stop loving people, but  being with him taught me something else.

I want more.”

Now go find your more and live it out loud.

I love you now, I’ll love you always. ❤


“And just like them old stars
I see that you’ve come so far
To be right where you are
How old is your soul?”

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Why I’ll only be a Bestseller by Accident.


00 Books



Bestseller. Amazon Bestseller. New York Times Bestseller.

It’s a constant mantra in the writing and publishing industry. Write more, market more, sell more. Those words can be found on nearly every blog from nearly every writer or publisher disguised in a variety of ways.

My first publisher warned me about launch day – don’t expect too much, this is a long process, it takes time and larger catalogs to get the sales numbers you’re expecting, etc.

He was trying to soften the blow of disappointment most first time authors experience. A kind gesture really, but my anxiety and frustration leading to launch day had nothing to do with expectations for sales. It was merely a matter of the push and conflict to get there.

I recently spoke with another publisher. This man’s enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. I mean, he is seriously pumped to make sure one of his authors becomes a bestseller. And hell, I believe he’ll get exactly that. They have a host of talented authors who will do well, if not extraordinarily well.

He said, “One of you are going to be a bestseller, it’s a matter of odds.”

He’s right, but it brought up a dilemma I’ve struggled with since I started writing. In fact, as I clumsily described what I wanted for my career and from them as a publisher, I inadvertently offended their marketing director by implying I didn’t their services to market. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why? Because I don’t really market, but this goes back to the title of my post.

In all the conversations I’ve had with writers and publishers, not one of them actually listened to or believed me when I said, “I don’t write to be a bestseller. I write because I have no other way to get rid of the stories in my head. Whether I sell one book or a thousand, it doesn’t matter because I have to write.”

“Oh, that’s not true because I know you’d be thrilled to see your name on that list,” they’ll say.

“Right, but you’d be happy with the money,” they’ll assert.

“Every writer who says that is lying to themselves,” they’ll challenge.

In the exhaustion of yet another failed attempt at communication, I quietly slip away to the peaceful silence of my gatehouse. Here, the trees know why I write. Their reverent observation encourages self-reflection and honest words. With shushing whispers and ancient wisdom, they speak of being true to my vision, the one compelling me to write this post today.

I admire the authors I know that spend hours trying to achieve amazing success in publishing. But that’s their path, and I respect the hell out of it. My path is different, something I realized very early on, but couldn’t quite put into words until now.

My goals as an author are modest – write, edit, format, cover, and print.

Their simplicity has nothing to do with avoiding work. Hell, writing a book or several is damn hard work, and I believe in every story I write. But it’s not about sales or notoriety. It’s not about being on some list, like an international show dog on display. It’s not about proving my worth or ability as an author.

This is about looking back in fifty years, taking my very last breath while lying next to the man I love, and smiling one last time, knowing I accomplished everything I wanted to, knowing I lived my passion well.


00 couple on bench




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So Much Left to Learn & Where to Start


I had an interesting conversation with my daughter, Bug, tonight. Thought I’d share it.

“It’s good to see you smiling again,” Bug said. “I haven’t seen you that sad ever, even when you and dad broke up.”

I smiled. “Well, I’d forgotten something very important that I knew when your dad and I decided we were better as friends.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Sometimes things don’t work out, but no matter what happens we should always do things with love. Our hearts don’t stop loving people just because they’re not part of our lives.”

“But what if they’re mean? Like say they tell everyone bad stuff about you and tease you. And what if they get really mad and yell at you?”

“Well, do you stop loving me when I get upset?”

“No, but you don’t yell at me. You just say you’re disappointed because you know I can make better choices.”

Yeah, I kinda giggled inside, then said, “Bug Juice, people are going to get mad. Not everyone is meant to be with everyone else. Sometimes life can be complicated, but I won’t stop loving them because we don’t agree on something or because they aren’t part of my life.”

“So if we got in a fight and say I ran away to an island with crazy monsters that eat kids, but decided to come home because I don’t like monsters to gobble me up, would you still love me Hug Much when I came back?”

“Yeppers,” I said. “I’d still love you Hug Much.”

“Would you give me cake when I came back?”


“But you said you’d still love me.”

“Yep, but if you run away, then no cake. House rules.”

“We need new rules,” Bug said, returning to her computer game.


My paradigm had already begun shifting earlier this week. This conversation shifted it for good. P.S. it’s truly amazing how much children actually see.

In all the craziness of the past few weeks, I’d forgotten something very important —

Everything must be done with love and kindness.


This last couple of years has been some kind of growing experience. I’ve had amazing teachers who opened my eyes to the scope of fullness and lack. They’ve provided brilliant contrast to show me what I absolutely want from this life and the lessons I have yet to learn. And whoa, do I have so much more left to learn — about people, about writing, about manifesting, about crafting life.

This latest experience brought far more joy than anything else. I met some incredible people and fell in love, neither are something I will soon forget. But the biggest lesson of all is approach everyone with love because we’re all fighting internal battles no one else will see.

The major shift for me came when I let go of hurt and pain to see the situation for what it was, when I realized nothing ultimately had to do directly with me except the things I took on as mine and my actions. More over, the things I was trying to take on weren’t mine to carry.

There’s a saying about relationships that goes something like this…

“Your joys are doubled because happiness of one is happiness of the other. Your burdens are halved since when we share them we divide the load.”



In a partnership, we have to be able to recognize what things we can share and what belongs to the other to carry. And there are definitely things we aren’t meant lift, but that doesn’t mean we can’t support them while they’re dealing with it.

Ultimately, my goal was to build a life with an incredible man, to share our joys and ease our burdens together. Of course, I skillfully ignored the fact he was already living the life he wanted, and my contribution was as a temporary escape, a vacation spot. And I did thoroughly enjoy the breaks and have good memories to take with me.

I’ll continue to love him because our hearts don’t stop loving people, but  being with him taught me something else.

I want more.

To craft a life, share joys and burdens, grow together, live together, love together; experience the fullness of life in all its peace and, sometimes, chaos. To craft a life well-lived… together. Because we learn so much more looking through the eyes of another than we’ll ever learn looking through our own.

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Authenticity because anything else is slow death


A butterfly landed on my hand today while I sat in the car listening to the radio. For anyone who knows me, it’s a regular thing to just hang out in the car with my feet propped up. I suppose it reminds me that I’m never stuck anywhere. I’m here by choice and can leave whenever I choose.

Anyway, this butterfly spent well over three minutes poking at my fingers as if nectar would pour out of the tips. His antenna flipped forward, then back up,  and no matter how I moved my hand it didn’t flutter away.

Starstuffs, one of my favorite reference sites for animal totems, says this about butterflies:

“Major transformations and transmutations taking place, outcome is different than expected. Symbol of joy, color, gentleness, lightness, and change in life. Awakens us to dance on the winds of life, teaches that growth doesn’t have to be painful, allows us to discover the important issues in life for conscious transformation. Can you discern what is important right now? Don’t sweat the small stuff, be joyful and thankful for your blessings.”

More than the transformative message of this experience is a greater truth I’ve come to realize —

Inner peace is an active pursuit.

It takes a conscious effort to remove or ignore negativity, not just within but from others as well. When I allow outside opinions to be the barometer by which I determine my worth or change the core of who I am to suit the whims of someone else, I’m giving them power over me. More over, I’m giving them my peace.

The fragile peace I’d started to gain in my universe was nearly destroyed. It’s funny really, how the harsh words and condemnation of someone we love can cut so deep, can make us question our very character. And for a brief moment, I did. I sat crying in a puddle, wondering what happened over that weekend to make someone think I’d ever actively or passively seek to hurt anyone.

Then I realized something I’d said days before, “I won’t be anybody but myself. If you want me to be someone else I should stay home.”


I’ve come to a peculiar time in my life where being anything other than myself is impossible. I carry my passion and peace everywhere and won’t hide how I feel or who I am.

It translates to my writing — actively, viscerally, authentically me. All the passion and purpose I possess bleeds in black and white just as certainly as it does in my real live life. And that was the problem.

During the course of a phone call, I heard the message loud and clear — it’s okay to myself in quiet intimate moments when no one was watching, but in the bright daylight of other’s view I had to be someone else.

And here’s where the new tagline for this site was born…

Authenticity because anything else is slow death.

Comparatively, I’ve learned very little in four decades on this planet. But a chance encounter with a butterfly reminded of the most important lesson. Inner peace is an active pursuit. It requires being myself unapologetically, recognizing the truth of my existence, removing negativity, accepting unconditional love and blessings, acknowledging my failures and successes as small steps towards a larger goal, and never using the opinions of others to measure my worth. It also requires a great deal of honest self reflection.

Nothing is more smothering than hiding a part of myself. Like the totem butterfly suggests I’ve reached a point of conscious transformation. In that quest, I’ve found my peace again. I’ve found love of good people. I’ve found love within myself. I will not sacrifice it for anyone, but I do hope to one day to craft a life with another soul actively seeking inner peace.

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The Illusion of Separation


00 holding hands



Illusions are easy to live in, especially for an optimist. And the world desperately conspires to give them breath with the idea we can all get along. Why not? We’re all the same… on the inside.

Well, that’s an illusion too, isn’t it?

Society is hell bent on creating separation. It gives people another illusion – that of power. Countries and social circles hunger for it, and will use any means, be it hate or love, to control a little speck of the universe. They force people to defend their rights, defend their very character, even in the face of those who love them.

Twelve years ago, the country found a new enemy, but they didn’t stop at the faceless “terror” living thousands of miles away. Much like the Japanese American interment camps during WWII, our own citizens became the demons we fought. Suspicion, targeting, blackballing; all it becoming the norm, forcing otherwise innocent people to prove they were actually innocent. Guised as protection, the powers that be used this fire to enact several laws and create agencies to further tight their hold on the country, thus expanding their power.

McCarthyism in the early to mid 1950’s is yet another example. Many writers, directors, and actors as well as everyday citizens lost entire careers, entire families ripped apart because of finger pointing and rumor. It pitted neighbor squarely against neighbor in  a quest to prove personal innocence. Again, suspicion and fear became the norm and tool by which “order” and conformity was maintained.

But we’re more evolved now, right?

If society wasn’t hell bent on creating separation, I might say yes. But power and control are mighty tempting things. The lust for them lives in the eyes of society, and it will find the one perceived threat to its sovereignty,  then ban together and point fingers to divert attention from its end goal.

The concept of separation and the lust for power is a heavy theme in my novel, Ring Binder – The Binding of Twelve, because I believe books should be entertaining but also incorporate themes that break illusion.

Allison grew up in a small town plagued by rumors about her family. The peculiar behavior of her grandmother Shanley created the perfect target for a town that thrived on drama and separation. Of course, Allison didn’t help the situation by choosing not to follow social norms for the sake of getting along. She isolated herself from ridicule and sideways glances, adding to the tension. But the grab for social rankings and the separatist attitude of the majority of town’s residence seemed petty and childish at best.

When Allison ventured into the world of her people this dynamic was magnified. The ruling council of the Mutaní lusted for power and control, maintaining both by encouraging suspicion and unease. Again, the rules of their society served one purpose – separation. By preying on people’s fear of the Iska, soul feeding demons who hunted them, the council effectively manipulated the will and minds of the many to accomplish their end goal, which created a cycle of death killing entire generations.

This phenomenon isn’t limited to governments. It trickles down to infect social circles and even families. When we buy into the illusion of us versus them, when we gossip and spread rumors to defame another simply to maintain power and control over the people in our universe, then we become the monsters of separation. And while I still believe everyone, despite the individual and internal battles we fight, can find a way to get along, it’s difficult to tolerate energy in my universe that thrives on making people choose sides or creates division for the sake of maintaining power.

So what’s the alternative? I’m not sure.

How can we put an end to the illusion that we need to separate into camps? Hell, if I know.

My best option at the moment is respect people from a distance until we find common ground; until everyone realizes we have this one life, this one planet we share, and none of us will ever have power or control over it. At least, not for too long.

I leave you with the opening quote in Ring Binder from Samuel Lonary, shifter and Binder trainer.

“Longevity has given me the ability to look past the common struggles of life. I’ve seen power rise with the dawn only to be reclaimed by darkness. In the reach for control, the one constant is the moon. Pulling the tide with each orbit, the moon reaches into the hearts of men to touch them with power and insanity. For centuries, the Mutaní drew upon its light for ascension. We sought connection to the objects on a spiritual plane, but in this quest, the power corrupts. As our focus turned from the preservation of life to the sole saviors of humanity, the Mutaní forgot the lessons of history. All power is borrowed, even ours. Eventually, it too will set as the moon rises.”



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Master your Mind, Master your Writing

Fear, insecurity, life. In a fast paced world that values pounding our heads against the proverbial responsibility wall, the opportunity and willpower to complete a novel comes in a pitiful last.  But following a dream comes down to two factors: commitment and process.

Are you committed to getting it done despite the fact life is crazy, people are demanding, and you have no idea where to start?

Are you ready to create or strengthen your writing process?

The voice that says you can’t, that taunts you with guilt, fills you with insecurity and fear? Yeah, in ten weeks you’ll be able to say, “Screw you. This is MY book.”


Enter Burning Up the Pages: Writing Mastermind. A ten week class specifically designed to eviscerate fear and excuses.

Imagine opening your mailbox to find your book. Your name on the cover. Your dream come true.

The Writing Mastermind with Rebecca T. Dickson

What: A group of ten, itching to write their freaking book. Let me say it again: You will write your BOOK.

You will finish this mastermind with:


• The goal for your book. WHY you are writing it. (Entertainment, healing, helping others, making money, or because you have a burning in your gut to tell your story and you have no idea why.)

• Knowing who your reader is, what she/he will learn from your book, and why he/she will fucking love it.

• What you must say, the big fucking point, and how to say it in your own voice.

• It bears repeating: YOUR VOICE.

• Defining the key messages in your book and how to use them to develop themes and a preliminary table of contents

• A primer on structure, plot, story and character arcs that will help you literally map out your book

• A thorough understanding of copyright

• Info about how to use social media as an author, and the importance of author platform building

• A completed draft of your book

This is not a writing class.

In the mastermind, we aren’t focusing on details like grammar, punctuation or cadence. We are totally engrossed in telling your story in the best way you possibly can. That means letting go of small stuff. Later, you can hire an editor.

The mastermind focuses on producing a book that will resonate with your person. We’re writing a book people want to read. It’s not about perfection.

Learning who you are writing for and how to say it in your voice will serve you for a lifetime.

Are you ready to get this thing done? Are you ready to stop allowing internal voices and outside forces to steal away your dream of becoming a published author?

Go here NOW and sign up.

How long do I have to decide?

The early enrollment period 2013 is September 9 – September 14, 2013. The tuition if you enroll during these dates is $1,999.

If you enroll after September 14, 2013, tuition is $2,499.

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An Author Who makes Excuses Invalid: Alex Laybourne

Writers are good at creating excuses not to write. Let’s face it, we’re a creative bunch with broad imaginations, so it’s no wonder we’re able to concoct amazingly intricate ways to lie to ourselves.

Let me introduce everyone to an author I admire greatly who makes every excuse automatically invalid.

Alex Laybourne

00 alex

I’ve watched his career and life through social media over the past several years. We’ve chatted about everything from family to writing. With four children and a full time job, money and time are in short supply, but can’t isn’t in this man’s vocabulary. 

He gets up in the wee hours of the morning to edit and write blog posts, then carves out a few minutes during lunch to write books, and ends the day with marketing for other authors and freelance work. When exactly does this man sleep? Probably never, but can’t isn’t in his vocabulary.

He recently released his second horror novel in his Highway to Hell series, Trials and Tribulations. Along with a host of short stories set to come out, he’s been doing radio interviews and blog tours. Did I point out the four munchkins, full time job, daily blog posts, and marketing for other authors?

I should also mention one of his sons, now 4, has autism. For anyone who has dealt with an autistic child, you already know the great patience and care it takes to ensure these children have full lives in a compassionate environment. The outbursts alone, usually caused by an inability to process their surroundings and emotions, can be challenging and exhausting. For Alex, this simply makes his son unique. 

All excuses are now invalid.


Hero is a mighty big word, so I won’t lay that weight on his shoulders, but I admire the hell out of him. Watching his struggles and triumphs has shown me anything is absolutely possible if you pour every ounce of your passion into it. 

I can’t. There’s no time. It’s too much work. I’ll never get it done. No one will like it anyway.

These words have been stricken from my vocabulary. They don’t exist anymore, due in no small part to the many authors I see carving out five more minutes to devote to their dreams. They have no more time or money or energy than anyone else. The only difference is choice. With single-minded determination, people like Alex choose to solidly plant their backsides in a chair and write. 

It’s not about inspiration or muses or excuses. It’s about putting words on the freaking page, even when they’re crappy. Because first drafts aren’t final drafts. Let me say that again…

First drafts aren’t final drafts.

I’ll post more on drafts later, but for now… to learn more about Alex, catch him on Facebook, Twitter, Website, and find the first novel in his Highway to Hell series on Amazon.

I leave two questions for you to ponder: Where could you carve out five more minutes to devote to your passion? What excuses keep you from finding them?

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