The Shared Intimacy of Books

0 Angels of light



Angels of Light.

That’s my name for family, friends, and readers alike. Each and every one of you made my modest release of Ring Binder a smashingly successful EVENT.

A conversation with another author reminded me why I write. Sure, there’s the part where characters drive me crazy if I’m away from my keyboard too long, but it’s so much more.

These universes inside my head allow me to reach out to you. Yes, YOU. They’re conversation starters, ice breakers that tear away barriers. Suddenly, we have something to talk about that’s both safe and connective. There’s an inherent intimacy shared when we talk about stories and the process of writing. Those things, once taboo,  now become acceptable conversational content when prefaced with a fictional character or plot. Even the topic of sex feels more acceptable.

Now I go deeper. Into things most readers may not see when they get to the end of Ring Binder. Each character has a quality (or flaw)  I’m attempting to work through in my life. They are as follows.


Shanley – the gentle hand that attempts to guide, sometimes too much.
Mr. Bradley – in love with someone who can never truly love him back the way he wants.
Their paths change in Ring Binder because mine has now changed as well. I’ve found balance with those two issues. At least, to the best of my ability.
Allison – everyone telling her that she’s destined for greatness, but no one asking if that’s what she wants.
Nickolas – can be noble, but that truly only applies to those he loves.
Samuel –  whose wisdom applies to everyone, but himself because he’s unable or unwilling to listen to advice the Universe is sending to him, not to the people around him.
Matthew – bubbly and always has a smile, but what people miss is the chaos living beneath. And in the next book, he’ll be ready to show it.
Julian – trying so desperately to act and sound like his mentor. Totally unable to be his own person. By the end of the series, that will change too.
Kynan – did something wrong under the pretense of protecting others. He’ll carry that sin on his soul until death.
This is the intimacy I share with you, my Angels of Light. The parts of me that stay hidden beneath my shell for fear of rejection and judgement. So, I write them, weave them into my stories to bare the softest flesh, my most vulnerable truths.
I don’t write for fame and fortune. I write because it allows me to connect with you. And I’ve found when I’m honestly baring my soul to you the most amazing thing happens. We both find out we’re not alone. These are struggles we all face, but sometimes we need an ice breaker to tear away those barriers.
You can find Ring Binder on Amazon.
For my short story, Genesis, that includes content about the beginning of the Binding series not found anywhere else, go to and pick-up Vol. 1, Issue 2.


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3 thoughts on “The Shared Intimacy of Books

  1. Citrine

    You brought tears to my eyes. How could anyone hold being human against you my dear friend. Your writing is beautiful im truly enjoying your characters. Thank you for sharing.

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