Never Twined


One star sits quietly in the universe. He regards each change the moon makes during her rotation, admiring her pull without being pulled in himself. He’s content in the knowledge that she will remain close enough, that her course is set by forces he feels no need to control.

The sea swaying maiden of the night knows his presence always. She regards the star from a distance as he burns in the darkest parts of the universe, bringing hope to those without. She’s content in the knowledge that he will remain close enough, that his placement in the heavens serves a purpose she feels no need to control.

Two wonders. Never twined, but ever aware of the power held within the other. To some, they go unnoticed as haphazard creations of a universe unable to bring about perfection. To others, they become beacons — guides on a journey that was mapped out long before their existence.

To each other, they have become companions. Tied in an endless loop, ancient as the first whisper, they ground to the now. Knowing that the past and future live within them. They are a breath from beneath the abyss, waiting for the few willing to seek them out.

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