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Never Twined


One star sits quietly in the universe. He regards each change the moon makes during her rotation, admiring her pull without being pulled in himself. He’s content in the knowledge that she will remain close enough, that her course is set by forces he feels no need to control.

The sea swaying maiden of the night knows his presence always. She regards the star from a distance as he burns in the darkest parts of the universe, bringing hope to those without. She’s content in the knowledge that he will remain close enough, that his placement in the heavens serves a purpose she feels no need to control.

Two wonders. Never twined, but ever aware of the power held within the other. To some, they go unnoticed as haphazard creations of a universe unable to bring about perfection. To others, they become beacons — guides on a journey that was mapped out long before their existence.

To each other, they have become companions. Tied in an endless loop, ancient as the first whisper, they ground to the now. Knowing that the past and future live within them. They are a breath from beneath the abyss, waiting for the few willing to seek them out.

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Melody, Stars, & Golden Barley


The golden tips of the barley grass now reach above the old worn fence posts. In the evening, when the sun shines just right I swear it looks like spun strands of honey. Even the bees buzzing around them seemed confused, but they flit through them trying to catch the sunlit treasure anyway.

I can’t imagine a more peaceful place.

The fire licks the log. Though resistant, its smoldering edges eventually succumb to ancient embers, still showing signs of life from the burning man she created the night before. The ash of which circles the old wheelwell in gray-white reverence.

And… I can’t imagine a more peaceful place.

When the sun finally falls beneath the misty mountains, a milk sky of stars begin to form. Their twinkle is no map to some distant land. No, they’ve already led these weary travelers to their final destination. We lay beneath them, pointing out the constellations… or making up our own… because this sacred land can only be found by those who know the stars never move, but stay constant and fixed even when the largest of their kind come out to greet the day.

Still… I can’t imagine a more peaceful place.

The soft melody playing in the background dronws out a passing train. Its clickety-clack reminds us that adventure is a steel track away and waiting for us to venture down it. The knowledge soothes us, but fails to move us because we’ve seen that world. Its hustle and bustle isn’t suited for hearts that find more beauty in the twined flight of hawks overhead than the patchwork of cars roaring by.

Did I mention…? I can’t imagine a more peaceful place.

He gets the laundry while she sits next to me sketching another masterpiece. Soon he’ll find the words to describe his latest adventure. I wait patiently, watching the his long distant gaze into the now dying flames. I know he sees something hidden within them, but he’s not ready to share those secrets. So, again I write of the melody, and stars, and golden barley, and passing trains.

A more peaceful place I can’t imagine.


“What with all my expectations long abandoned
My solitary nature notwithstanding…”

I said it, I meant it… then, now and always.


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The Living – my short story in the Evolution: Vol. 2 anthology


Could it be? My first short story published by Evolved Publishing is out! If you’re into paranormal suspense you won’t want to miss The Living – now part of the Evolution: Vol. 2 anthology. I’ll give you a little teaser in a bit, but first let me say how much fun I had writing this little twisty tale.

The Living began as a Facebook post, a simple paragraph I used to warm-up for the day’s writing schedule. I really thought nothing of it. That was until I hopped back on my page and saw the response. Message after message from my super sweet followers and friends asking me to write more. When Lane Diamond asked for a short story for the second installment of Evolution I raised my hand and jumped into the writing fray, but that little Facebook post took a turn I hadn’t expected – from the slow walk into my deep dark writing cave straight into the world of the paranormal! That’s right, I descended through the veil between this world and the next to pull out a ghostly tale that will raise the little hairs on the back of your neck. And here’s where it begins… <insert Mwahahahahaha>

Cassidy returns to the spot of her childhood tragedy with the hope of finally putting the remains of her brother to rest, but soon discovers she wasn’t the only one waiting to find closure. She will face the secrets hidden in the cave and, in doing so, uncover the truth about the mudslide that ripped apart four families, including hers.

If that isn’t enough to wet your reading buds, there’s also nine great stories from nine other super talented authors. Evolution: Vol 2 is an eclectic mix that will excite, interest, and intrigue from the first story to the last. Laugh a little, cry a little, think a little. Many genres, many voices, one goal: Provide the reader with a fun journey through the short fiction format.

Edited and polished to a fine sheen.

Where can you pick-up this killer collection of stories? Right here —-> Amazon.

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