Subtle pangs

once was of yesterday

fades away to background noise

the poise in rebalance

a cadence finding new notes

she totes their love

in secondhand bags


The changed man

surrenders to golden cord

the lord of perched light

faith and sacrifice

his entrusted wind

this bliss of stillness

the hallowed skin they touch

a rush of mute witness


Spiritual soul mates

drawn to embrace

the grace of Heaven’s gaze

obeying their every breath

the next step

still waits before them

while, their poise finds rebalance

a cadence trapping new notes

will he tote the bags with her?

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2 thoughts on “Rebalance

  1. the poise in rebalance…

    Just adore line.

    Speaks of change, the inconstant constants that we are. Resetting and equilibrium.

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