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Never lost

never found

the ground still

firm beneath her feet

She meets the scars

agile stars, unformed

adorned with nightfall


Never became

never become

the sum of greater than

her last grain of sand

She stands on clever

almost ever, ignited

sighted with discovery

recovery of find and fold


Never loose

never bound

the sound of gone

still ringing in the clear

She nears alright

avian flight, unhinged

a twinge of beset

but regret was never her style

*   *   *

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Subtle pangs

once was of yesterday

fades away to background noise

the poise in rebalance

a cadence finding new notes

she totes their love

in secondhand bags


The changed man

surrenders to golden cord

the lord of perched light

faith and sacrifice

his entrusted wind

this bliss of stillness

the hallowed skin they touch

a rush of mute witness


Spiritual soul mates

drawn to embrace

the grace of Heaven’s gaze

obeying their every breath

the next step

still waits before them

while, their poise finds rebalance

a cadence trapping new notes

will he tote the bags with her?

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hubris and lassitude

don’t sooth their rendition

the trinkets wallet-bound

though sound, grant little warmth

while, his torch only serves

to light a dim sign

this time has passed.


In the distance

where sea meets sky

the chariot flies soundly

winged triumph on still waters

as denizens find footing

on rock-ridden shores

the score of fury

a flurry, now tamed



hidden talents

salient in their reach

each given without cause

the flaws of big-heartedness

a barrier to this trek

yet she will not back down

heart-bound to love


Of sinew and bone

lone rider of swans

the dawn of chariots

drops to distant horizons

as the raucous caws

from gnashing claws

falls deafly behind them

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Fallout and calamine

serpentine clothe

for compromise sake

we’ll bend but never wake


In the outlands

sands of the glass

move faster now

but neither will break down

‘cause concession isn’t a style

meanwhile, love misses the mark

a stark mismatch to then


Fallout and calamine

card signed conclusions

illusions of attachment

transferred to the new

tree and flew

we’ll dual

one more time


“Golden wings against the sky…”

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Raindrops & Roots



in the rain


the neighbor’s insane stares

we were perfect then

when love had no purpose

and raindrops bathed us



the earth was ours


souls connecting stars

lit scars of their formation

this Claymation of simplicity

roots offset by reality.



the drops now sigh


they become our cry

stand by for one more run

as we succumb to back then

when love – had no purpose.


“We had to learn how to bend…”

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