True Love

I spent the evening with memories; the words that cut just deep enough to make me remember what it was like to get lost in silence. I thought they would have more meaning, but halfway through I realized something I forgot…

…they’re not for me. Not really, because in the end each letter was placed just so for YOU.

Something about that should upset me. Instead, I find myself indifferent.

When I was younger I would dream of him. He took many forms, all of which included a hint of sparkly dust around the edges. Everytime he looked into my eyes the world would sigh a little. But isn’t that what we’re taught true love looks like?

I wonder how many of us are actually prepared for the real world of love and romance. The simplicity of it is stunningly unimpressive. Sure, in the beginning the eyes google and the heart skips, but after a while it becomes…ummm…(see the word I want to use here is flaccid)…well let’s just agree it becomes mired in the everyday crap that pulls us down.

I want to get back to strings and cans, to corkscrews, and to comfortable silences on faulty lines, ’cause even in the quiet you can hear my every word. I want to be the one story you’ll never quite finish.

Once we were everything, once we were nothing, once we were the love that you couldn’t put into words. So much has changed over the last year, including the us that once existed. We can find our way back or at least fan the embers still burning in the hidden parts we don’t show them. It doesn’t take much really…

…just a little love.

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One thought on “True Love

  1. Like your “True Love”..Ranee meets well with the heart.. love your

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