Safety Net


There’s a part of us that wants to save them, to be the safety net when they go strolling across the wire. We know each unsteady step could be the next to cause the fall. The problem is they need to keep walking because you can never grow if you stop. I want to save him, from the pain and uncertainty. Maybe it’s my ego that wishes he’d come running into my arms when the entire world becomes unsteady. My heart tells me to reach out and pull him down, but my head knows better.

If you hold too tight to something it stops moving completely because your iron grip doesn’t allow for anything, even breath. Few crimes are as great as the one that causes someone to wither and fade. I’d be the last to keep him from the journey. Not all mountains can be scaled hand-in-hand. This is one he must climb alone. I’m left as the star tucked just behind that cloud over there. When the wind returns to push him forward it will clear the sky long enough for a light to call. It’ll be my voice echoing out to lead him home.


Intrepid heart

Steadily climbing

Finding, the hills are mountains

The footings are off

The soft ground threatens

It swallows the unsure

But he’s pure, of intention


Sky mapped

Little stars

Holding scars, long past their due

He’ll keep walking

Arms stalking his shadow

Just in case he falls

Watching it all, from a distance


Mountains scaled

Journey’s end

He’ll bend, but never break

In the wake of triumph

She’ll gather the glow

So slow, to catch every piece

Placing each back in the sky

Then fly, up to join them

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2 thoughts on “Safety Net

  1. very sweet. i enjoyed reading this today, it even got me a little teary-eyed. 🙂

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