Day 3: Letting Go

It’s no secret I get lost in things from time to time. I have a tendency to throw all of me into whatever I’m doing…until I don’t. The last few months I’ve thrown all of me into you. I have no regrets on that count, because you needed someone and I did too. But I think we’re both past that now.

It’s always amuses me to see the lines people pull out of posts. I wonder if they see the ones that resonate with me. Not that it matters, because I don’t really write them for me anymore. I know one thing for sure and I’ve repeated it again and again to see how it sounds. I do that you know…say things out loud to see how they fit. It’s the reason I’ll read my posts over and over. When I hear them out loud I know what is personal truth and what was written from everyone else.

Anyway, I guess this leading somewhere. I’ve said goodbye and your name countless times, but it never seem to fit. It still doesn’t. Here’s the thing though, you pulled out That line. The one line that didn’t really fit in the post. The funny thing is as soon as I saw it, four little words that finally did fit popped into my head.

Time to let go.

What do they say about letting things go? If it comes back to you it’s meant to be? I don’t know if you will, but I can’t worry about that anymore. Cause it’s holding me back…and, in a way, you too. So this is Me letting You go.

A few things for us ❤

~   ~   ~   ~   ~


Balance regained

And what you lost

On the curves won’t be noticed

Not by your eyes anyway


Swing round that bend once more

Search through every door

For that thing you left behind

Cause time, won’t wait for you to move


Some connections bend

While others break

And for the sake, of argument

Let’s say this one just frayed


And what you lost

While spinning those curves

Can’t be felt, at least

not by your heart anyway


So stay a while longer

And when you’re stronger

I’ll watch you walk away

Cause this one has frayed

past the point of reconstruction


~   ~   ~   ~   ~

I’m holding you back.

no, wait, You’re holding me back.

or are we just holding each other back?

doesn’t really matter anyway

cause we’re back to where we started.

walls up, hearts down, wait,

hear that sound or

was it just the silence again?


I’ll pack my boxes,

you grab yours

the memories should be enough

to hold us back a little more.


If the stars line up right

maybe you’ll catch me on tour

cause one thing not written

in all those bright lights

is where we go from here.

and here is so far from

where we started


So, I’ll pack my boxes,

you grab yours

the memories should be enough

to hold us back a little more.


And if one day the loneliness

screams inside your mind

rip a box open

you’ll be fine

cause I was holding you back

and You were holding me back

and now we’re back

to where we started


Walls up, hearts down

with memories in boxes

we can move around

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

“Go to him, stay with him if you can but…….”

~   ~   ~   ~   ~




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