Day 2: Back to You

Today the wind was just strong enough to knock some dust off the cover. The title engraved on the front in filigree and gold made me step back. I felt my chest pull in jagged, staggered breaths as my fingertips traced the words. You’d think, given the size of the book, the title might be deep and descriptive; something to entice the mind enough to pick it up, but the imageless cover held three simple words.

It took me a moment to slow the gyrations long enough to let them sink in. You can find the most profound wisdom in simplicity. Something I used to know, but lost somewhere in the trees, in the river, in short days and long nights…in him. I guess love can make you lose a lot of things. It’s crafty and clever, wrapping you in comfort until you’re slowly drowning in it.

I sighed, brushing more dust off the edge of the cover. The dips and grooves on the front told a story of their own. Like the face of a full moon, you could see the pitted scars of all the impacts centuries old. Though I’m sure the book has only been around for a few decades, it bears the weight of struggles so ancient even time cannot remember. Still, I felt its pain with every breath.

My lips mouthed the words, though no sound came out. If I forced them out one at a time, maybe I could grab them from the air before the wind whisked the words away. A simple plan I admit, but remember the wisdom in simplicity? One letter dripped from my lips, followed by a second, then third and forth.




The first word released from its covered prison, I grabbed it to tuck gently in my heart. Now for the second, I whispered.




The euphoria of my success, twice proven, made the third word pour out so fast I almost missed it. My fingers fumble to catch each letter before it hit the ground. I’m sure anyone passing by would think me insane, but they wouldn’t be the first. I took the three little letters tucking them into my heart next to the others.




You may not be able to see the stunning revelation in those three tiny words, but then this book holds a story meant for one. Out there, waiting patiently, covered in dust is another book. A story you’ll know well when you see it. Each pit and groove will be as familiar as the back of your hand. Printed on the front, in filigree and gold, will be a simple title with meaning only you’ll truly understand. My only advice, have the courage to read it when the wind knocks just enough dust off to clear the words.

~   ~

~   ~   ~

“I’m too old to go chasing you around…”

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One thought on “Day 2: Back to You

  1. where is the “love” button?
    “I guess love can make you lose a lot of things. It’s crafty and clever, wrapping you in comfort until you’re slowly drowning in it.”
    how so very, very, true! 🙂

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