They say there’s a point, so I listen.
They say it exists, so I wait.
They say something’s coming, so I hope.

But in the…
and waiting
and hoping

I become lost to the schemes
they’re selling
a shell game wish
the bliss, so far removed
still laughing  because I must
though trust, is a card shift away

On the corner, they’re yelling
still shelling out rage
While the sage, stand close by
I would take their silence
as deliverance
even when relevance

becomes irreverent
if just to soothe, my weary mind.

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2 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. is it just me or has something in you shifted? this new voice i’m hearing…i like it. alot.


    • I do believe you may be onto something there, Mr. Whitaker. ~smile~ Definitely feels different. Thank you for your comments and support. xo

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