I know


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Take Back Your Power. You’d think the message would be clear after the first draw. Don’t they who they’re dealing with? Of course after the third time I was beginning to get annoyed, but that’s the danger of paper and promise. They never hold answers, just directions. Silly paper, I never read directions. No, I jump in head locked, heart popped ready to hit the ground.

The real problems start when I’m absolutely sure of the message. Cause let’s face it I don’t even have to stop to ask. My sense of direction is eagle keen and battle ready. I’m good like that, except when I’m not which is most of the time. Truth is pig-headed doesn’t even scratch the first coat. And the more certain I am the less I actually know.

Knowing is like a disease. It eats away at the facts until they float like snowflakes. Pretty confetti pictures of truth you smile at while they melt on your fingertips. Absolute certainty scares me when I see it in other people, but I’m absolutely certain it’s most dangerous when the words leave my lips. The moment we think we know something without question is the same moment we can be sure nothing exists.

I know it gets hot enough back east in summer to melt my skin. I know when the breeze is light and the waves crash I’ve found peace. I know the greatness of a person is not equal to the sum of their words, but of their actions. I know unconditional love can be as dangerous as a rattlesnake bite and kill twice as fast, but it can also free a soul from pain it can’t yet see. I know I have greatness in me, even if I don’t know what to do with it.

And I’m absolutely certain I know…nothing at all.


*    *    *    *    *

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2 thoughts on “I know

  1. Kimberly

    You have the power! But I completely understand. For me the more I learn the less I know. You are the best!

    • It’s great to have a knowledge base, something to pull from, but in the end we can’t know everything. You’re doing it right. Never stop searching and learning, because enlightenment can come from the oddest places. It’s not a search for truth, that’s a matter of perspective, it’s a search for enlightenment. Thanks for dropping by! #luvya

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