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Grab Bag Life

Grab bag life

1 for $10, or $20, or $30

depending on size



resolved to live in a box

while the misty man laughs

his mark burned to the board

your list of days


Scratched lines

signs, of things you’ll never do

it’s true, meds and booze

will sooth disappointment away

but fear stays, a little longer



resigned to empty numbers

an order of days created

negotiated, bring peace to some

who can’t find freedom


Still resistant youth

find truth, in too many days

alive to all that matters

ignorant, to the scattered

wisdom of the old

who sold,

their lives in grab bags

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Balance regained
and what you lost
on the curves won’t be noticed
not by your eyes anyway

Swing round that bend once more
search through every door
for that thing you left behind
cause time, won’t wait for you to move

Some connections bend
while others break
and for the sake, of argument
let’s say this one just frayed

And what you lost
while spinning those curves
can’t be felt, at least
not by your heart anyway

So stay a while longer
and when you’re stronger
I’ll watch you walk away
cause this one has frayed
past the point of reconnection

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Martin King Blogfest Blogger!

The ever charming and humorous Martin King came over to Settled Reality to share a little story about childhood mistakes. Yeah, I’ve made a few, but that’s for another post. Please enjoy!



What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? Come on we all make them…even as kids. Well I must confess to making one of the biggest errors ever.

It was very rare I got to go to the cinema and even rarer that I can remember what I went to watch. So imagine my delight when my best friend’s dad offered to take us both to the pictures.

I remember his words so clearly even now; “Would you like to go and see Star Wars or Warlords of Atlantis?” Looking back it was a no brainer. But to a ten-year old kid that’s never heard of either of them, it’s almost like tossing a coin.

You’ve got to admit, Warlords of Atlantis does sound like a pretty awesome film. So that is what we both chose. And off his dad took us to the Unit Four in Nelson. We were brimming with excitement as we took our seats. Nothing was to prepare for the biggest let down I can recall. What a load of rubbish.

But the evening was such a treat, it half papered over the cracks of disappointment. That is until every kid a school talked about nothing other than Star Wars. The fact that every shop you went into was full of Star Wars merchandise possibly heightened the hype even further.

So there you have it. The one that got away wasn’t just big…it was humongous – and I never did get to see it! What a mistake…

These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:

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To all the tightrope walkers

Who dance on silver strings

Chasing pretty dreams

Without a safety net


To all the travel bound

Those journeymen

With bags in hand

Searching for new roads


To all the lovers

Who float through stars

Filling moonbeam jars

Kept safe upon the shelf


To all those who live for now

Challenging the traditional

With love that’s unconditional

Even as now becomes then


To all the believers

Choosing faith

Over the hate

In a world of sarcasm and pain


What do you do when…


The rope breaks

The road ends

The moonbeams fade

The love melts away

And faith no longer matters?

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Memories in Boxes

I’m holding you back.

no, wait, You’re holding me back.

or are we just holding each other back?

doesn’t really matter anyway

cause we’re back to where we started.

walls up, hearts down, wait,

hear that sound or

was it just the silence again?


I’ll pack my boxes,

you grab yours

the memories should be enough

to hold us back a little more.


If the stars line up right

maybe you’ll catch me on tour

cause one thing not written

in all those bright lights

is where we go from here

and here is so far from

where we started


So, I’ll pack my boxes,

you grab yours

the memories should be enough

to hold us back a little more.


And if one day the loneliness

screams inside your mind

rip a box open

you’ll be fine

cause I was holding you back

and You were holding me back

and now we’re back

to where we started


Walls up, hearts down

with memories in boxes

that we can move around

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Denial subsidized by late nights

thread bare and placid

pathwalkers journey bound

no direction in mind cause they have no map

just river hoppers hoping to make it home


The tepid waters carry no real warmth

or cold, even when indifference is near

the memories enough to keep it moving

but the ice pack steadily soothing it

back to banality


Even when the line drops low

and the pathwalkers slow enough

to skid across rubber slick rocks

the water barely takes notice


It’s denial subsidized by late nights

silent fights that never see the breaking

so when the storm hits

and the floods wash all evidence away

she’ll finally find the nerve to say


~   ~

~   ~   ~

“For a while we can smile…”

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String of Hope

They’re broken, I know,

the one thing that might make the special is gone.

So why have I held on so long?


They’re not symbols of faith, though I have it.

They don’t offer forgiveness, though you may disagree.

Prayers are not answered with them, though they may be heard.

Men have fought wars because of their meaning, though not over me.


My little string of rosewood and charms hangs by the window ledge.

They’re deep red, sun bleached, and torn on one edge.

Rose scents linger when the wind is just right.

And if you listen they’ll tap out a rhythm; a song of the heart if you like.

It’s melancholy and simple and sweet to the ear.

Some might find tolerance in the songs that they hear.

As for me, they are hope, strung by a chain;

the remembrance of life touched by violence, anger, and pain.

Though something is missing, I don’t feel its loss.

What’s left is everything

and nothing at all.

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For Sale

~   ~   ~   ~   ~



Spoke bent

Vine wrapped

Gear locked

Chain rusted

Seat ripped

Tire flat



Free obo

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Gravity, Pressure, and Time


You can’t avoid screwing up the best thing you ever had. Cause here’s the thing; we’re masters at orchestrating failure. Not be because we set out to find it. On the contrary, we push and pull to make sure everything works out. We don’t consider the human factor.

Humans by nature are fragile. Even the fastest mind can only process a finite numbers of things at once. When we add external stimuli the weight can be enough to cause a crack. You may not see it at first, but the hairline will grow over time.

It’s like a rock hitting the windshield. At first there’s just a dot. We think there’s nothing to worry about, but we don’t give enough credit to gravity, wind pressure, and
time. These forces are patient. They know you’ll ignore the passing of each moment because life gets hectic and the mind can only process so much at once. Carefully they push and pull the crack until it creeps across the windshield. So thin only a flash of light at precisely the right angle will reveal the danger ahead.

Once the overall integrity is compromised you have two choices: Work on fixing it or replace the windshield altogether. I fix things. It’s a problem at times cause not everything can be fixed. The danger in replacing the windshield lies in the seal. Once broken, it can never be factory new again.

My seal was broken at the tender age of 27 (get your mind out of the gutter) and again at 37. I will never be factory new again. The cracks that disappeared when the windshields were replaced are still visible to those who take the time to look. Gravity,
pressure, and time have all played a part. The last few months have been the worst of it.

This is a process, my journey through the universe. I don’t always get it right and will often lose myself in the day to day of things, but I always find my way back to me. If you’re strong enough, if unconditional love is truly without condition, you are welcome along. The only things I can promise for sure is that I will lose myself again, find my way back, and love each one of you with everything in me.

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Building Sandcastles


I used to understand life. It’s like building sandcastles. You start with a nice flat spot on the beach, packed tightly to create the foundation. Next, a little damp sand tamped in a bucket for the rooms. Finally, a few shells and ten buckets of water later the moat will complete your masterpiece. That is until the tide rises and washes it all away.

It’s funny how long we spend building our fragile creations. Instinct warns you’re only a wave away from watching it fall, but still you scour the sand for hours looking for jewels to frame it.

What frightens me the most is the indifference. It’s not like we run around trying to stop the destruction. We sit and watch as grain by grain it disappears back to nothingness. It would make sense if there were tears. At least then I could see the meaning, the connection, but the lack of response leaves me wondering. Why build at all?

Maybe we fill our time with building to avoid the truth. While sitting in silence we’re force to face the one person we’re experts at avoiding: Ourselves. Every decision, the mistakes, the hopeless fallings and failings of our lives scream out. Nothing could be louder than that silence. The one that makes you realize you’re wrong or, worse yet, right.

When our hands are idle the universe sneaks in. It whispers and screams all the things you’ve been missing while on the move. You can be sure all the hunches and passing thoughts nagging you relentlessly will show themselves, in a prismic light show that will slam against your brain like a lightning bolt. When the smoke clears, if you’re lucky, you’ll find some peace, but more likely it will just leave more questions.

Maybe that’s the point. We don’t stop building because in the silence there are questions. One’s we don’t know the answers to and leave our brains slightly singed. So why stop to listen at all?

~   ~

~   ~   ~

“…I’ll keep searching till they find me…”

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