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            Relationships are a bitch. Anyone who says any different is living in Juliet notions. That’ll only lead to one place: disappointment. Because whimsical fantasies of what a relationship could be are stocked full of hopes and dreams. They leave out the very jarring reality of the everyday. Those days when they can’t call because life gets busy, the change in plans when something comes up, or the “if I do this you they should do that” expectations.

Expectations and rules for relationships can kill new growth faster than a lightning strike and twice as brutal. It’s great to know what you want, but creating a laundry list of what you expect your partner to do (if they really love you) is just wall building. It’s an unproductive way to get your wants met. “I want to talk cause we had a fight” is just another way to say “I want to know that you still love me”. But “I think we need to talk at some point when our minds are in a better place to work this out” says I know you need your space to think it over and when you’re ready we’ll work it out.

If you’re looking for unconditional love you’ll only find it in yourself. When it comes to loving another person, you’ll give more than you get in the beginning; but so will they. It’ll balance in the end if you keep all those wants and needs in place. If you really love them, stick it out, speak your mind, but make sure you know where your emotions stem from.


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