Vortex & Dream Light

Caught in the vortex now
That place where the compass
Spins round and round
Because there is no up or down
No instruments to guide us
It’s unlikely they work anyhow
We are blind
walking through a dream
Shadow images of ourselves
Waiting for life to happen


Dream light breaks
across his eyes
This realization brings
Concerns of longevity
A familiar pondering
Tugging at the fray
As my hopes drop

Such a look is not unknown
Discernment of reality
crawls inside their hearts
Becoming a muse, a vision
Cast with flowing wings
An illuminator of paths
Yet hidden in unyielding hearts

The task is wearing
For all the giving
My place of emptiness
Perhaps a punishment
for leading so many astray

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One thought on “Vortex & Dream Light

  1. "The task is wearingFor all the givingMy place of emptinessPerhaps a punishment for leading so many astray"This verse was by far my favorite it can apply to a great many things but what it made me think of made the poem well worth the read. Thank you for sahring such a wonderful piece.

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