Lavender Laced Soul

Dive into my flesh
Lips soft, smiling as they glide
Down a pulsing neck
Catching the edge of my soul
With each jagged breath
Roll me over in your mouth
Until you become lost in the flavor of me
Senses overwhelmed by passioned essence
Become wild cravings for soft curves
Warm to the touch
Enjoy the pleasure flowing
from my lavender laced soul
through fingertips sliding
down rose flushed thighs
Let love drip from crimson lips into my being
Until I become enthralled in the poetry
Whispered by the motion of our bodies
Swaying to a timeless rhythmic lover’s song.
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4 thoughts on “Lavender Laced Soul

  1. Well written Ranee. especially liked this: "Roll me over in your mouthUntil you become lost in the flavor of me" fresh usages, sensuous without being salacious. Beautiful. Gay @beachanny

  2. A visually stunning reflection of erotic desires. Very hot. Inspired writing of a warm soul.

  3. passionate, erotic, and sensual… "jagged breath" — I like that and all the imagery flowing seamlessly throughout your writing. Very nice!

  4. Wow. Thats um…quite….I'm blushing….erotic. Good writing.

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