Soul Journey

I call to you, my brother wolf,
howling in the misty twilight
of the new moon.
Do you hear my soul’s song,
echoing through the trees?
I am here waiting for you;
to join me on this lonesome journey.
Come walk the ancient path with me,
across the sky, past the stars,
To the cave of souls;
where we might take our long rest
with those who have passed before us.
Can you here them calling?
Chanted whispers, of family and friends,
gently weaving their way through
the great celestial bodies,
leading us home.

Hope you enjoyed my One Shot Wednesday post for @onestoppoetry. Be sure to check out the super talented poets posting today. One Stop Poetry: One Shot Wednesday – Week 18
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19 thoughts on “Soul Journey

  1. Oh, yeah, I absolutely loved that. Very melodic and haunting and, well, poetic. Well done.

  2. Haunting, mystical and captivating. This poem has it all. There is something magical about this. I love it and would happily read it again and again.

  3. Mood-effective, image-/theme-progresive work.

  4. so lonesome and full of longing…and I hear that cry in the night, I want to follow but I'm paralyzed lazy with fear

  5. ah i hear the call and i want to follow…beautifully rendered….

  6. Ah, the many calls of the wild – I'm a big fan of those. Nice One Shot, Ranee!

  7. A call of the soul is also the haunting… nice poem

  8. kind of reminded me of an incantation…beautiful and pure…thanks for sharing woth one shot..pete

  9. glad I checked back my first comment didnt go thruthere is an earthy yet mystical feel to this poem – I can sense the howl of the wolf in the distance. It has taken on lifeGreat One Shot my friendglad you are backMoon smiles

  10. I like the metaphore in the end, guiding you home.. and your imagery … Its a beautiful one. Thanks for sharing…ॐ नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivaya Twitter: @VerseEveryDay Blog:

  11. The pure essence that encompasses all living things…I love how you got in touch with it here.

  12. Love the imagery and the mood of this poem. Can see everything you describe.

  13. I really love this. I have always found the "religion" of the Navajo and other Native American tribes to be so powerful and to ring true in my heart. This lovely piece sounds like it came from the spirit of that philosophy.

  14. Nice mix of folklore elements with feeling. Enjoyed the placement of questions too. Think they create an echoing effect to the call.

  15. i love the visual of walking an ancient path across the sky and past the stars! Yes would love to walk along that path. Lovely One Shot

  16. To the cave of souls;where we might take our long restwith those who have passed before us.Can you here them calling?profound touching..these lines are way beyond brilliance! so yeah..i hear them the silence of the hearts, they sound..:)

  17. i can hear the call…nice one shot ranee..i liked the cave of souls..

  18. And this is what they're saying with the wolf song — I'm calling, I'm waiting, come to me.Nice one.

  19. That is beyond beautiful and has touched my soul. May I repost this on my blog of Penny, with credit given? Thank you for sharing this.

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